Family Health La Clinica is a mission-focused organization. Our leaders are invested in building vibrant communities by connecting every person to quality healthcare. We invite you to get to know each of our leaders better and consider serving as a board member.

Meet Our Executive Team

Laura Waldvogel

Chief Executive Officer

Nathan Daily, DDS

Chief Dental Officer

Tom Kaminski

Chief Financial Officer

Jude Stenovitch, MD

Chief Behavioral Health Officer

Liz Parizo

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Thao, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Board of Directors

Family Health La Clinica’s Board of Directors are essential members of our leadership team. They each volunteer their time to move the mission forward and connect every member of our community to care. As a community health center, at least 51% of Family Health La Clinica’s board members have to be patients, meaning important decisions are being made by patients themselves to help ensure every patient receives the best care.

Learn more about our Board Members and how you can get involved!

Paul Theyel




Fred Johannes

Board Member

Sheila Shaw

Board Member

Alma Delia Torres

Board Member


Vice Chairperson

Pete Gierach

Board Member

RoseAnne Henning

Board Member

Brenda Henke

Board Member

Aaron Williams

Board Member

Amanda Dederich


Damaris Thome

Board Member

Juanita “Terry” Olivas

Board Member

Heidi Delgadillo

Board Member