Dr. Means

Anne Means, MD | Pediatrician

As our Pediatrician, Dr. Means specializes in helping kids live healthy lives. When she isn’t working with families to help children recover from illness, prepare for sports or help educate families, you can find Dr. Means cycling through trails enjoying the outdoors.

Location: Wautoma Clinic

Education: University of Iowa

Languages: English & Spanish

Accepting New Patients: Yes

Your care team wants you to live your healthiest life, so we’re here to help you ask great questions and start a conversation. It can be hard to know what you should be asking your doctor, so here are our team’s favorite questions patients ask (or should).

  • What growth stages are next for my child?
  • How much should my child be eating, napping, etc?
  • Is this many ear infections, headaches or sinus congestion normal?

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