Dr. Haddock

Andrew Haddock, DDS | General Dentistry

The best part of Dr. Haddock’s day is knowing he’s made a difference. Every patient he sees is an opportunity for him to either help them by relieving pain, or by helping them prevent it from happening. Being able to help underserved people with care is the type of work he’s always wanted to do. When he isn’t working, you can find him with his kids enjoying the outdoors: camping, running, gardening, and exploring.

Location: Beaver Dam

Education: University of Minnesota

Languages: English & Spanish

Accepting New Patients: No

Your care team wants you to live your healthiest life, so we’re here to help you ask great question and start a conversation. It can be hard to know what you should be asking your dentist, so here are our team’s favorite questions patients ask (or should).

  • How does the food I normally eat help (or hurt) my teeth?
  • What can I be doing better to have healthier teeth?

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