Integrative Medicine Program Manager


A core member of the collaborative FQHC care team, including the behavioral health team, medical team and dental team.  This position is responsible for supporting and coordinating FHLC’s multidisciplinary pain management program and coordinating and supporting integrated treatment for FHLC patients.

  • Leads the development of group therapy sessions for Behavioral Health and mind-body modalities including meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, autogenic training, exercise and yoga, and cognitive behavioral techniques.
  • Leads and coordinates the development of community education classes to support Mind-Body Medicine services.
  • Participates on the FHLC External Complementary Medical Services Advisory Committee.
  • Assists FLHC Marketing staff in developing marketing and community education materials for Mind-Body Medicine group therapy services, related community education classes and other complementary medical services provided at FHLC or through community partners.
  • Leads the assessment of and maintains a resource database of complementary medical services providers in the FHLC service area that offer pain management services.   (this could be maintained by benefit navigators and referral specialists
  • Assists in developing referral agreements and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with providers of complementary medical services in the region.
  • Assists in developing relationships and formal agreements with wellness services providers in the regions, and area businesses that have wellness or exercise facilities on-site and collaboratively works to develop wellness access and programs that can benefit all patients with an emphasis on pain management patients.
  • Manage operational and administrative functions to ensure services are delivered efficiently.
  • Works with Benefit Navigators to help remove barriers to access to integrative services
  • Works with FHLC Records & Referral Representatives to coordinate pain management services for patients in need of services not delivered on-site at FHLC.
  • Works with dental and medical providers to establish pain management goals and care plans where non-pharmacologic therapies are used alone or in combination with pharmacologic methods.
  • Gauge the overall outcome and impact of the program and prepare reports on findings and recommendations for improvement on an ongoing basis.
  • Works closely with dental and medical providers to provide integrated behavioral health consultations as needed.
  • Provides and/or ensures the provision of clinical Mind-Body Medicine Group Sessions.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Family Health La Clinica is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action employer.



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